Why poster, generated by DALL-E 3

Really, why?

Hey there.

It’s been a long time (as of this moment in Dec. 2023 ~10 years) I’ve been a software developer and throughout these 10 years I’ve been wanting to have my own blog and website.

The biggest problem for me was always the thought that there’s nothing for me to write about that can be of interest to the people outside of my life. Everything’s been written and for every minor and major topic there’s already an expert in it, writing lengthy explainatory posts or large tech company blogs having enough resources for their articles to be professionally written, polished and reviewed.

I’m subscribed to a lot of authors writing on different subjects from assembler to distributed world-scale systems and I’m amazed with the complexity of things they face. I’m not one of them. What I face on day-to-day basis is quite boring and usual: developing a product in a medium-sized tech company, Django, Python, K8S, some in-house microservices stack, you name it.

So, why? Why making a blog that’s likely to die after one or two posts in it? Why making a blog when you do not work on complex humanity problems? Why making a blog not being sure if there’s a single person on Earth who will find it useful?

Honestly, I don’t have a definite answer. Maybe I just want to be a cool kid on the block? Maybe I want to gather my thoughts on the subject I find important for me and have a crystal-clear problem/solution definition? Maybe there’s an unrealized creative potential sleeping in me that desires and struggles to find an output? I don’t know. I just feel the desire to do it and lastly I’ve overcome my fears and decided to write down things that’ve be written before hundreds if not thousands times. Because I want to and because I can.

What content do I want to make?

I don’t my niche. I don’t know what I’m terrible and good at writing about (maybe I’m terrible at everything.). At first I’ll try to write about everything that comes to my mind, in an erratic fashion, with no general theme, size or style. Then I’ll be able to understand whether this whole thing works at all.

I will try not to censor myself and express my feelings and honest thoughts about the subject. I will try to disect my failures as well, as it’s one of the things people rarely write about.

Wish me some luck on that way.