If you’re looking for a way to spend several evenings I have something to recommend to you.

There’s an awesome TV-series slash documentary on HBO called How To With John Wilson. The premise is quite simple: the narrator asks the question “How to do X”, for example, “How to make small talk?” and goes to the in-breadth exploration of the topic, meeting various people, getting into all sorts of bizarre situations and acquaintances.

The show itself is filled with a subtle and anxious humor, the narrative itself, let’s say, is not linear: it’s almost a perfect illustration of the ornate thought process, complicated and winding. A train of thought that can quickly change rails or start flying instead, putting you through an emotional and experience rollercoaster.

It’s quite difficult to explain what’s so special about the show: the simultaneous honesty and frolic of the not-so-truthful narrator, a depicted love towards the New York City you can sometimes see in Woody Allen movies, and an endless exploration of its inhabitants. It’s also a pretty non-standard exploration of the self, a self full of fears yet really appreciating the exploration of the world around and inside.

Here’s a way more better review from someone who’s a lot more proficient with words than me to convince, but I do not regret the time spent watching the show.